Don’t Panic, Prepare: 5 Simple Ways to Combat COVID-19 and Keep Business Booming!

Coronavirus (COVID-19) –the one word that has changed everything in a month’s time and has left the global economy in a bit of a rut! This pandemic has taken the world by storm and the economic impact is particularly steep for small businesses owners who thrive off day-to-day sales.

Although times like this leave us with several uncertainties, especially when there is little known about the disease or how it spreads,  there are simple steps that we as small business owners can take to gain an advantage in this uncertain time. Because let’s face it, the bigger a company is the harder it is to change your procedures. In contrast, the smaller a business is the more flexible and small tweaks can make a HUGE impact. So don’t panic, here are 5 simple steps to combat COVID-19 and keep your business booming!

(1) Clean Hands

According to CDC, proper handwashing is one of the BEST things anyone can do to avoid the spread of viruses. So remember to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after you have been in a public place, or after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. For the restaurant industry, QSR magazine gives so help additional strategies here.

(2) Go Cashless

Cash is notoriously known for germs! During this pandemic there have been several reports of businesses, across a variety of industries,  going cashless and cardless. These businesses are opting to accept contactless methods of payments only or encouraging the use of their mobile/digital applications. Consider using the Goodfynd Ordering System, optimized for food truck owners and their customers, here your customers can both order and pay via their mobile or desktop device.

(3) Protect Your Customer

Many of you do this already, but in addition to sanitizing your truck, consider providing hand sanitizer for customers. One bottle outside of your truck for customer use can go a long way.

(4) Feeling Sick — Stay Home 

Sneezing? Coughing? Fever?  Stay home, it’s that simple. As small businesses owners, our businesses rely on us to manage day-to-day operations. Therefore, we usually push through illness because our businesses don’t thrive unless we do. However, in this new normal it is better to stay at home, relax, and get better before getting back out there! A healthy you is most important to ensure the health of your

(5) Don’t Panic!

The best thing for you and your business is to remain calm. This industry has always been subject to cleanliness standards and that’s our advantage! Preventing COVID-19 is in line with our standard industry best practices, so we just have to keep doing what we do.

Bonus, SHARE!

Beyond taking precautions, let your customers know what you are doing to keep them safe. Sometimes it’s not enough to do the right thing, you must also be visible. So send an email update, post to social media, share a blog post. Find ways to give your customers the confidence they need to continue supporting your business during this time.

We hope these five simple steps help you prepare for the uncertain road ahead. Remember, we are at an advantage because we are flexible and nimble — unlike those other guys. So don’t be discouraged during this time, you got this!














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