5 Easy Steps to Grow Your Food Truck Business

In order to grow your food truck business, you have to expose yourself to as many customers as possible. The internet serves as free advertising, and when used to its full potential, it can help to quickly expand your following. That said, your time is precious, and it can be challenging to know which online services to use to foster the most efficient growth. Below, we explain how we can help make a big impact on your business in just a few easy steps.

1. Sign up for Goodfynd

Goodfynd is a hub for food truck owners to market themselves to hungry customers. We:

  • Are FREE to use
  • Will save you time, and
  • Will increase your customers.

Don’t believe us? Then ask one of our 140 food trucks that have already signed up.

2. Register your truck

Search for your truck on Goodfynd. Once you locate it, press the blue “Claim Business” button.

If your truck doesn’t show up here, no problem! Click here to register your truck. It only takes a few minutes.

3. Post a clear picture of your food truck

Customers need to recognize you, especially if you’re in a city that is saturated with other similar trucks. If they don’t know what your truck looks like, then they will likely skip it for a truck that they can more readily identify.

4. Show your food

9 out of 10 customers are more likely to purchase food if they see what the food looks like beforehand. Who doesn’t like to see their food before they eat? Upload high-quality photos of your menu items for your soon-to-be customers!

5. Set your schedule

Your customers don’t have a lot of time and need to know exactly when and where you are. The more detailed your location, the better.

Set an exact time (Example: 11am – 2pm).

You can also sync your Goodfynd page to your Twitter account, and we’ll periodically share your location and schedule automatically!

Upload a great picture of your truck and your menu items, set your location, and let Goodfynd do the rest! We’ll promote your business to a social network that receives over 5,000 views per month. Sign up or claim your truck for a free account here.

Author: Goodfynd

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