Can’t-Miss Food Trucks in the Washington, DC Area

Looking for the latest and greatest dishes to try? Look no further! These Washington DC-based food trucks will have your taste buds feeling fresh and satisfied with the hottest, delicious mobile meals.










Basil Thyme

The variety of lasagna at Basil Thyme is more than enough to keep people coming back. Whether it is the gorgonzola and portobello Giuseppe or the slow roasted pork Lisetta, you will marvel at how these lasagnas rival their sit-down equivalents.

Korean BBQ Taco Box

With beef bulgogi, chicken, spicy pork options to go with rice box or the taco box, it is impossible to make a bad decision here. You can generally find them at festivals on weekends as well. If you are craving Korean BBQ on the go, you are in good hands.

Crêpes Parfait

From savory to sweet, these crêpes are as perfect as they claim to be. Get them meat-filled or just with banana and Nutella, and you will be in for a scrumptious treat. Try your lunch with style with every quaint and quirky bite from this truck!

Rito Loco

The bomb-dot-com has been used no less than 6 times when reading up on these creative wraps (or bowls) full of sazón y amor! (That means flavor and love, and these tacos and burritos are full of ‘em.) Put your lunch money where your meat is with this promising up-and-comer.


Arepas: crunchy on the outside, savory and tender deliciousness on the inside. This Venezuelan dish will blow your mind. These quick, flavor-packed bites await your taste buds. The tequenos and yuca fritters, succulent and satisfying meals that will make you want to expand your palate.

Red Hook Lobster

These lobster rolls have been a DC staple for years. If you have not tried them, you have not lived. Their buttery goodness may have you asking for another!


Mama’s Donut Bites

Warm & decadent, full of texture & style, and with a flavor punch! You will not be disappointed by these bites. The toppings and drizzles set these little guys off like fireworks in your mouth.

La Tingeria

La Tingeria serves some of the best Mexican tacos as well as burgers, tostadas, sopes and elotes locos! This food truck has gained a huge following, and you won’t want to miss out on this authentic gem serving excellent flavors. Their catering clients have some stellar things to say of La Tingeria as well.



The croissants and the bahn mi will have you hooked. This truck is more than just addicting pho on wheels; try the chicken, pork belly and/or tofu tacos, and wash them down with their equally addicting thai tea or Viet iced coffee. They have truly made a name for themselves on the DC Food truck scene.



Truffle fries!? Grass-fed gourmet dogs!? Among the menu, it is hard to pick out which is the best meal to treat yourself to, but over the years, Swizzler has consistently transformed a traditional food truck meal into a high-quality experience. If you want a hot dog, this is the one you wait for.

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