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Everyone loves food trucks, but finding and keeping current on their location and offerings isn’t always easy. Goodfynd CEO and co-founder Kyle Miller learned this while working in DC, when his daily lunch break food truck quest often revealed that a favorite truck had relocated overnight, complicating his menu choice and often wasting valuable lunch break time. Once he realized that the truck he was craving had moved, he would have to add a sometimes lengthy walk to the already long wait in line to order and have the food prepared. By the time he got his food, his lunch was nearly over. He knew that he couldn’t be the only one with this problem.

Miller’s first step in tackling the problem was asking the food truck owners themselves how he could make it easier for customers to find them. As a UX Designer by trade, he then designed a user-friendly platform to bridge this gap. He teamed up with fellow Virginia Tech alum, CTO, and co-founder Lemaire to build the concept. The team, also including fellow Hokie and Project Manager Daniel Lee, launched the Goodfynd platform in January 2018.

Goodfynd enables food truck owners to quickly update their location, hours, and menu offerings on the fly. This in turn gives the customer beautiful visuals and saves them time locating their desired truck as well as other nearby trucks, and ultimately deciding what to purchase. Food truck patrons benefit from enhanced variety and efficiency in ordering, and food truck owners benefit from increased revenue from new customers and repeat purchases from loyal customers.

We will add new features very soon, so be sure to follow this blog so you can keep up with the latest!

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Author: Goodfynd

Whether you're at work, home, or just out and about in the city, we list the food trucks closest to you and do a little bit more!

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