3 Simple Ways to Increase Your Food Truck Revenue

Owning a food truck is hard work! The competition can be stiff, so it is important for food truck owners to remain agile and adaptable. Sure, there are many different ways to increase revenue, but which are the most effective?

Below are three methods you can use to increase your revenue.

1) Add New Services

If you were a movie producer, would you want to limit the platforms where people could access your movie or would you want to make it as widely available as possible?

On a similar note, you want to make your food truck as easily accessible as possible. This may include mobile pre-ordering and delivery options. Mobile pre-ordering makes the ordering process smoother for returning customers. Delivery options are more feasible when done through a third-party company.

You will also want to increase visibility so that new customers know where to find you. While Twitter and Instagram are great, food truck finders such as Goodfynd are also great resources to take advantage of.

2) Events and Catering

Getting into events are a bit trickier, but the reward can be great. You will want to be aware of the expected attendance, as well as the fee in relation to your truck’s price points. You will also need to make sure that the event is a good fit for your food truck’s menu options. For example, if your truck serves a specific type of cultural food, find cultural events that will allow your food to stand out.

Catering may be less of a risk since, in many cases, a definitive amount of food is requested, which ensures that you are paid in advance. Some food trucks prefer catering throughout the week if the location is less saturated with other dining options.

Either route is great in that they provide additional income and more exposure. With more exposure, you may acquire and retain more customers or be invited for more events. Imagine, for example, if you own a food truck that specializes in BBQ. You enter a BBQ contest and win! Not only will you likely be invited back to that event, but you will also have won an award that can significantly increase your brand awareness.

3) Get Creative!

Some food trucks live by the mantra, “if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it” — and it works for them. Other trucks have seen much success by changing and adapting their menus. Consider rotating seasonal items on your menu and stay up-to-date with the latest food trends to always have an edge.

Owners should also make their food truck as approachable as possible by fostering a friendly atmosphere. Some owners have added music or gimmicks, such as wearing festive attire that is in line with the theme of the food they serve. Others have added a “happy hour menu” with food at discounted prices during slower times.

It is your business, so you have the power to choose how you want to operate it. Put yourself in the mindset of the consumer and think about what would attract you. Whatever you decide, be yourself and allow your creativity to shine through, and your food truck will stand out!

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